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Bird Wisdom - DIY
Bird Wisdom PDF - Book
Dance of Kali - DIY
Deer Priestess Training - Video/Mixed Media
Elements of Altars - DIY
Hear, See, Know: Developing Your Intuition - Video/Mixed Media
Hekate Garlic Spell - DIY
Kuan Yin Class - DIY
Oracles of Kuan Yin - DIY
Right Livelihood - DIY

Everyone has a light of wisdom within

At Themis Academy, our Founders bring you a solid Philosophy of Learning built on ten years of experience together as a women's collective. Our Instructors offer you their joyful service and knowledge: creating classes, ritual experiences, consultations, workshops, and events that invite you to reach into your soul and ignite your own light of wisdom. Whether you are on-the-go without much time to spare, or ready to dive deep with one of our more robust offerings, you will find the doors of opportunity open to you here. Step into our temple of the mind and heart, and prepare to embrace your divine nature.

Bird Wisdom, a PDF book about the magic of birds

Stephanie Syd Yang has written a special book to help you connect with the spirits and messages of our winged allies in the skies. Syd explores the following themes in this magical, practical guide:

-Why Birds?
-What is Bird Medicine?
-Talking to Birds
-Interpreting Bird Messages
-A Year of Birds

With this book, offered as a PDF for half of the cost of the print version, you will be looking up to the skies, and divine deep within, reading the messages of our avian friends with confidence, grace and empowerment.

Author: Stephanie Syd Yang

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FREE DIY Introduction to Bird Wisdom

Is there a certain bird trying to get your attention? 

Do you ever wonder what the birds might be trying to tell you? 

Bird wisdom can be accessed anywhere, however it takes practice to learn how to listen and receive. This introductory class offers you a step by step process to deepen your relationship to birds and begin accessing the powerful messages they share. 

Instructor: Stephanie Syd Yang

If you enjoy this class, you might also want to purchase Stephanie Syd Yang's book Bird Wisdom.

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DIY Dance of Kali Class

Experience the power of the Dark Mother. The Mahanirvana Tantra says: "Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her.” What do you have to lose? Your ego, your pain, your struggle, and your suffering. Kali Maa will pull all that does not serve your highest good away from you, like tender meat from a bone. The 5 lessons in this class, including chants, devotional music, personal rituals and reflections, help you surrender to her fierce love.

Instructor: Yeshe Matthews

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Elements of Altars

How do I build an altar?
Is there anything special I need to do?
Once I have built it, what next?

In 5 simple, potent steps, Hummingbird will walk you through the process of taking your altar from beginning to intermediate stages of development, with ideas for activities, cleansings, and more.

This DIY offering includes several prayers and altar practices that you won't find anywhere else, written by a powerful Priestess of Hekate, Goddess of the Underworld and Crossroads. Don't pass up the chance to get these!

Instructor: Jennifer Hummingbird Teixeria

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2017 Deer Priestess Training - 12 months
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Join Instructor Yeshe Matthews for a year-long journey to become a Priestess of the Deer Goddess. 

She walks silently in the forest, picking her way delicately among the trees. She dances upon the frosty, hardened surface of the Earth as part of her winter migration. Her antlers graze the sky. She is the beauty and gentleness of nature, found in cultures worldwide. She is the Deer Goddess, and she is calling to your heart, gazing upon you with bottomless, liquid eyes.

Yeshe has spent a year preparing this special opportunity to help women find, meet, and listen to the Deer Goddess through a series of monthly reflections, writing prompts, personal exercises, personal and group meetings, magical sisterhood, and ritual assignments in this year-long online class. For the duration of the class, you will receive three in-depth assignments per month, plus a 30-minute monthly meeting one-on-one with Yeshe, an optional monthly group ceremony via Video Conference, and an optional private Facebook group so you can explore the qualities of the Deer Goddess within and without. You'll be calling upon your own magic and personal connections, and at the same time learning creative and shamanic methods of communing with the spirit of the Deer Goddess and the Earth.

Class limit 13. Serious students only, please.

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FREE DIY Kuan Yin Class

The Lotus Sutra says, "For those who have not gained deliverance, I will deliver them. For those who have not been enlightened, I will enlighten them. For those who have not been peaceful, I will bestow peace upon them." This FREE class features 5 assignments, with music, activities, and points for reflection and contemplation so that you can begin to see the world through the eyes of Kuan Yin, the eyes of compassion. Your assignments will help to broaden and reinforce your capacity for peace, patience, and boundless friendliness.

If you enjoy this class, you might also be interested in Yeshe's Oracles of Kuan Yin class as well.

Instructor: Yeshe Matthews

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Oracles of Kuan Yin

Receive ancient wisdom for heart, mind, and soul from the oracle poems of Buddhist goddess Kuan Yin.

From ancient China to the modern United States, in all corners of the world, people have sought answers regarding their deeper purpose in life. Buddhist goddess Kuan Yin teaches us that we are here to love, to be compassionate and tender toward one another, to create and appreciate beauty, and to live in peace. Yet we all have circumstances and situations that leave us feeling stressed, angry and vulnerable. Sometimes, we forget our true purpose, lash out, and create pain for ourselves and others. How can we learn to break this cycle? How can we build lives of greater harmony, within and without?

In this class, we will work with 10 of the 100 Poems of Kuan Yin, oracular works created in 6th century Chinese temple poetry competitions. Each poem is a lesson, a message, and a source of wise counsel to help you anchor compassion, inner peace, and wisdom at the center of your daily life. 

Compassion, peace, and harmony are all necessary to create a balanced life, and they must be cultivated so that we can deal with the struggles that seem to arise on their own, whether invited or not. By connecting with Kuan Yin during this class, through poetry, images, and simple, heartfelt ceremonies, you will open your heart to your most generous values and kindest self, while contemplating the wisdom of the goddess of compassion, She Who Hears the Cries of the World.

Instructor: Yeshe Matthews

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Hear, See, Know: Developing your Intuition

Class runs May-August, 2017, but new students are welcome to join in and catch up at any point.

A strong intuition is one thing, but a trusted intuition can make all the difference between a doubt-filled decision and a confident choice. This course will offer you ways to deepen your relationship to your intuition in both creative and transformative ways -- and as with all relationships, it's all about trust.

For the duration of the class, you will receive:

Intuition is a gift we all carry, that nurtured and developed can be a powerful guide (and guardian) in our lives. We will dig into practices that build trust and self-awareness as well as play with techniques to access your inner sight + wisdom. How is your Intuition calling you? How can you better hear (and trust) the messages coming your way? 

Syd has been offering this intro-level course for several years as a part of a transformative, self-healing path for her clients and students. It is interactive, creative and super fun! 

You are also invited to go deeper and book a one-on-one session with Stephanie Syd Yang to problem-solve, strategize, and further develop your intuitive skills in a focused 30-minute consultation.

Instructor: Stephanie Syd Yang

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    FREE DIY Right Livelihood Class

    Explore your relationship to the Buddhist principle of Right Livelihood, and create better work/life alignment, with this FREE DIY Class.  In 5 lessons that include questions for contemplation, reflection prompts for your journal, and inspiring resources, you will explore the alignment of work, skill, and purpose in your life. This DIY Class also provides a foundation for our 3-Week Right Livelihood E-Class.

    Instructors: Yeshe Matthews & Robert Scott

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    FREE DIY Garlic Spell for Hekate

    Best completed near the Full Moon, this brief but powerful ceremony is suitable for an individual or group seeking to release the past and manifest new opportunities with the help of the ancient Greek goddess Hekate, night wanderer and bringer of wisdom. 

    By invoking her into your life, Hekate will light the path, opening up your options and allowing for greater clarity.

    Instructor: Jennifer Hummingbird Teixeira

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