Our Founders & Instructors


Yeshe Matthews

Yeshe Matthews is an ordained high priestess, pilgrim, and mystic who follows where the muse calls her on a lifelong journey of learning. Part historian, part inventor, part oracle, she helps people mindfully articulate their vital roles in our co-creative, collaborative reality. Learn more at www.yeshematthews.com


Jennifer Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a healer, a high priestess, a Lomi Lomi practitioner, and a mother. She travels the world, with a love of learning and adventure wherever she goes. From Mexico to Hawaii to the Azores, she finds that spirit calls her to being in just the right place at just the right time for magic. Learn more at www.priestesshummingbird.com

Stephanie Syd Yang

Stephanie Syd Yang is a mixed race, queer energy healer, Reiki Master Teacher and spiritual coach, and is the founder of Blue Jaguar Healing Arts and Three Legged Crow (Bird Medicine) in Los Angeles. The core of her work focuses on the lived and inherited experiences of women of color and queer + trans* people and is grounded in the Buddhist principles of interdependence and impermanence. The natural word is her teacher, her muse, her healer and guide.

Robert Scott

Robert Scott has worked in corporate management and business, is an entrepreneur, and lifelong student and practitioner of the arcane, magical and spiritual arts. He shares his talents and knowledge through classes and consultations with his business Arcana Advising, LLC, with specialities in Right Livelihood, work/life balance, goal-setting, strategic planning and project management.

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Molly Blue Dawn

Molly Blue Dawn is an ordained high priestess who specializes in serendipity, providing the magic that any given moment requires. It is her life’s calling to remind us all of our deepest, truest wishes. Molly's classes focus on how we channel our work, our love, and our magic in the directions which truly serve the unfolding of our authentic selves and our best service to the world.

Heather King

Heather King is an ordained high priestess who finds the magic in the natural world and everyday life. She taps into the creative force of the divine feminine as an artist, a mother, a dancer, and a diviner.  She helps people get in touch with their inner beauty, magic, and self-love via ceremonies, classes, massage, and Tarot.

Quetzal Kahlo

Quetzal Kahlo is a curandera, tarot reader, herbalist, oracle, artist, dancer, and musician. Quetzal is known as “The Priestess of Perpetual Love.” She falls in love multiple times per day, and passes on the power of self-love and adoration for the beauty of world to those who study with her. She believes that Love is the fifth dimension, and is constantly trying to figure out how to scientifically prove this with complex theorems best described by paintings, dance movements, and songs.


Manea Trinacria

Manea Trinacria is an ordained high priestess, practitioner of Old World Witchery, Burning Man Regional Contact and explorer of spaces "off the beaten path." As an agent of Wild Magic, Manea is able to help others identify synchronistic patterns that naturally emerge in their spiritual, personal and professional lives. She is talented in coordinating and leading ritual, volunteer service initiatives, and large scale gatherings. In her professional life, she specializes in leadership development, group facilitation, instructional design, and financial wizardry.

Heaven Walker

Heaven Walker is a High Priestess, Scholar, Professor, Published Writer, and member of the American Academy of Religion. She has an MA in Philosophy, Religion, and Women’s Spirituality and is currently pursuing a PhD in the same field. She is an Elder and co-founder of Come As You Are Pagan Congregation and a member of the Mothers of the New Time Priestess Collective. She is a legally ordained interfaith minister who offers spiritual counseling, wedding ceremonies, and rites of passage. Heaven considers her most sacred work to be motherhood and works with the “CAYA Sprouts” pagan parenting and ritual group.