Themis Academy Philosophy of Learning



What is the difference between myth and reality? What is the turning point between intention and manifestation?

The evidence we witness of magic in the world is the proof behind the myth. Our own actions turn the wheel from intention to manifestation.

Reading, thinking, dreaming, contemplating, and reflecting about a topic, skill, or technique help us generate ideas about it, but when we take action and embody practice, we bring our understanding and awareness to life.

At Themis Academy, we promote experiential, discovery-based, expeditionary learning as a tool for lifelong growth and personal alchemy. Our Instructors create classes that engage mind, body, heart, and soul with interactive assignments including meditation, ritual activities, music, art, movement, intuition, and other immersive approaches. Our classes are designed to evoke your inner wisdom, so you can bring it forth into the world to share, and to help you integrate a lifetime of knowledge into the Now moment.

I am a woman in process. - Oprah Winfrey