Hear, See, Know: Developing your Intuition

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Hear, See, Know: Developing your Intuition


Class runs May-August, 2017, but new students are welcome to join in and catch up at any point.

A strong intuition is one thing, but a trusted intuition can make all the difference between a doubt-filled decision and a confident choice. This course will offer you ways to deepen your relationship to your intuition in both creative and transformative ways -- and as with all relationships, it's all about trust.

For the duration of the class, you will receive:

Intuition is a gift we all carry, that nurtured and developed can be a powerful guide (and guardian) in our lives. We will dig into practices that build trust and self-awareness as well as play with techniques to access your inner sight + wisdom. How is your Intuition calling you? How can you better hear (and trust) the messages coming your way? 

Syd has been offering this intro-level course for several years as a part of a transformative, self-healing path for her clients and students. It is interactive, creative and super fun! 

You are also invited to go deeper and book a one-on-one session with Stephanie Syd Yang to problem-solve, strategize, and further develop your intuitive skills in a focused 30-minute consultation.

Instructor: Stephanie Syd Yang

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    If you are unable to attend the classes on the days they are offered, you may still be able to watch them later. Please contact the instructor for more information when you sign up for the class.