Class Topics

Themis Academy's diverse Instructors are seasoned practitioners in their respective fields, many with a decade or more of dedicated study and background. Using the Themis Philosophy of Learning as a guideline, our Instructors build classes that are experiential, discovery-based, and expeditionary in nature. Rather than simply relaying information, Themis Academy classes evoke your inner awareness, connecting your sacred knowing to sustainable action that helps you create a more integrated life of balance and grace. 

Our classes cover a variety of practical, esoteric, and spiritual topics:

  • mythological and cultural studies
  • divination methods
  • organizational and personal leadership
  • wellness and healing
  • spiritual growth and transformation
  • Priestess training
  • ritual and ceremonial methods

Class Types

DIY Classes are a great entry point for people new to Themis, as there are several FREE classes you can try, risk-free. When you purchase a DIY Class, you will receive a Welcome email with a link so that you can access the class materials the Instructor has created: lessons, questions for reflection, assignments, and video support. Download the class from that link within 24 hours, then complete the activities at your own pace, on your own time. At any point during your self-guided study, you can reach out to the Instructor to schedule a one-on-one consultation, either as an introduction, a support mid-way through your process, or in reflection afterwards. Even after you have finished the class, you will have the assignments and materials downloaded, so if you'd like to walk through the steps again to refresh the memory or to look at the material through a fresh perspective, you can.

For some topics, and for some people, there is no substitute for a face-to-face learning experience. Our Video Conference Classes allow students to connect directly with the Instructor in a live, online video conference setting or in pre-recorded videos. These classes are perfect opportunities for students to see real time demonstrations and participate in exercises and activities on the spot. Video Classes offer a way to learn from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Some Video Classes also offer optional membership in a private Facebook group.