2017 Deer Priestess Training - 12 months


2017 Deer Priestess Training - 12 months

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Join Instructor Yeshe Matthews for a year-long journey to become a Priestess of the Deer Goddess. 

She walks silently in the forest, picking her way delicately among the trees. She dances upon the frosty, hardened surface of the Earth as part of her winter migration. Her antlers graze the sky. She is the beauty and gentleness of nature, found in cultures worldwide. She is the Deer Goddess, and she is calling to your heart, gazing upon you with bottomless, liquid eyes.

Yeshe has spent a year preparing this special opportunity to help women find, meet, and listen to the Deer Goddess through a series of monthly reflections, writing prompts, personal exercises, personal and group meetings, magical sisterhood, and ritual assignments in this year-long online class. For the duration of the class, you will receive three in-depth assignments per month, plus a 30-minute monthly meeting one-on-one with Yeshe, an optional monthly group ceremony via Video Conference, and an optional private Facebook group so you can explore the qualities of the Deer Goddess within and without. You'll be calling upon your own magic and personal connections, and at the same time learning creative and shamanic methods of communing with the spirit of the Deer Goddess and the Earth.

Class limit 13. Serious students only, please.

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Have you heard the Deer Goddess calling you as you gaze out of your window or across the field at night? Can you see her figure perched on the mountaintop, silhouetted against the Full Moon? Have you yearned to follow the ways of silence, gentleness, and quietude in nature as part of your devotional path?

For the coming year, the Deer Priestess Training will help you develop your shamanic skills, connect more deeply with the cycles of nature in your daily life, and open your heart to the gentle mother of the forest and her wisdom ways.

  • For the first three weeks of each month, students will receive weekly assignments with ritual suggestions, resources, and reflective questions.
  • On or near the Full Moon each month, there will be an online group ceremony for students using Zoom Video Conferencing.
  • As scheduled privately, each student will have a monthly 30-minute one-on-one consultation with Yeshe.
  • This Training will also feature optional access to a private Facebook group where students can share their thoughts and experiences with one another.
  • There will be an optional (free) Winter Solstice launch ceremony online on Dec 18, 2016 for early registrant, and an optional Training Completion retreat in Mount Shasta Dec 29-31, 2017 (cost TBD based upon registration) for those who complete the Training.

This group will be limited to 13 Priestesses in number. Serious students only, please. 

The Deer Goddess transcends cultural and geographic boundaries. She is found in many different forms worldwide. Her special calling is heard by those who embrace shamanic activities, simple communion with the Earth, and rustic devotions. She is glimpsed, fleet-footed and agile, leaping away across the neighbor's yard. She is linked to the cycles of the moon and the tides of the blood. Her temples are found among the trees, on hillsides, in valleys, at the edges of the sacred, rushing rivers. And her wisdom is found within your heart. If you hear the call to become a Priestess of the Deer Mother, please register for this class today.

Please note: registrations for this class will close on Dec. 31, 2016. The Introduction will be sent on Jan. 1, 2017, and the first Assignment will arrive on Jan 2, 2017.